August 29, 2012

Joe Pye Weed {What's Blooming this Week}

Joe Pye Weed is a majestic flower. Besides the Delphiniums, these blooms are the tallest in my garden. It is slow to sprout up from the ground in the spring, but by late summer it is the star of the garden.

The flowers are like clusters, similar to Sedum, but not as full and a pretty rose color. The tiny little buds open and the bees just love them.

I love the muted color of the flowers with the deep green of the leaves and red stems. Grown next to Autumn Joy Sedum, the contrast of the two shades of green is beautiful.

This summer the blooms are just at the top of my three foot fence. In a normal rainfall season, it would be a few inches taller.

Oh, the joys of the perennial garden... I'm enjoying the beauty while it lasts!

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