July 21, 2012

Sheffield Garden Walk {Pretty City Gardens}

I spent the day in Chicago's Lincoln Park at the Sheffield Garden Walk. Amid the magnificent brownstones were beautiful gardens small in size but great in impact.

Although I enjoy a large yard and garden in the suburbs, the small size of these gardens appeals to me in terms of the amount of care required to maintain them. Style and traditional garden beauty is not lacking in these spaces. In a smaller garden, planning becomes even more important.

This is a beautiful neighborhood, and pride is apparent everywhere. The event is a fundraiser for the neighborhood association and this year is the 44th annual garden walk. This post is full of photos... some of the gardens and some of beautiful neighborhood homes. Enjoy!

Within the small spaces, beauty and variety are not spared. The amount of time to care for a garden like this would be manageable and enjoyable. And as you can see from the pictures, the results are astounding!

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