June 19, 2012

Crafting In the Dining Room

I used to have all my craft supplies in the basement. When all my children were home and the house was a bit busier, it was a nice quiet place to enjoy making cards or scrapbooking. I could also leave my supplies and projects out, not worrying about the space looking a bit messy.

Now the kids are older, one on his own and the other two home from college seasonally, I want to be on the main floor and to have my supplies handy at a moment's notice to make a quick card. My crafting space of choice has become my dining table. I put a padded square down before I begin to work to protect the table, put an audio book in the CD player and craft away. I have more time now to keep things tidy, and I enjoy all the comforts of being on the main floor while I create.

My supplies are tucked into my bookshelves in neutral kraft paper boxes. Those supplies in prettier containers are simply left as accents on the shelves.

The cabinets that formerly held serving dishes, china and candles for special occasions now hold my craft supplies. All the dishes were moved to the basement.

I can create in beautiful light with a great view, near the kitchen; always the heart of the home, right? You can see my new drapes from Ikea in the picture above. I really need a wide angle lens for these room shots! I moved the rod up to the ceiling and I am really pleased with the effect. It's a bit more formal looking. The drapes came unhemmed, a glorious 98" long! The length is-perfect for this look and easy enough to hem to the proper size.

The golden retrievers are never far away, they were just taken outside for a few minutes while I snapped a few photos. The first few had a golden tail peeking out here and there and a wet nose poking against the camera. I swear sometimes they are like toddlers, into everything and never wanting to leave my side . As you can see, Breeze is ready to come back in.

Besides craft supplies, I also have dog biscuits in pretty containers ready to reward some good golden behavior. Enough about me... what have you been up to? I'll be posting the features from last week in another post as I am running short on time tonight.

In the meantime, link up and visit around... I guarantee you'll find some fabulous new friends with some great ideas to inspire your creativity.

Here we go!
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