February 23, 2012

Organizing Ribbon {The Perfect Craft Room Idea}

Ribbon is the perfect final addition to your packages, craft projects and let's face it.. it's just plain beautiful. Whether sitting in piles on the table...

Resting in a pretty vintage silver candy dish...

or spilling out of a vintage glass jar used as a dispenser,

 you can never have enough ribbon. Well, you can, but just try to stay away from those sale bins at Michael's when a pretty spool of peacock blue satin ribbon is calling your name for just 50 cents.

Stopping in at a local florist last weekend, I saw this wall of ribbon and couldn't resist asking the owner if I could snap a few pictures with my camera phone. Check out the beautiful shelving!

The shop owner's father made the shelves for her specifically to hold lots of ribbon. The beauty, as always, is in the details. This pretty little trim strip on the edge of each shelf really makes this idea special.  The shelf is crafted so that it's as deep as her largest roll and the trim is just a bit larger than the shelf so that it creates a bit of a rim to keep the ribbon from falling off the edge. This shelf, on a smaller scale of course, would be perfect for the studio or craft room.

How are you organizing ribbon? I'd love to hear your ideas!
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