January 30, 2012

Orphan Vintage Drawers {Love Them}

I found these old drawers at a flea market a few months ago. Whatever piece of furniture they came from is long gone; they were on their own. Someone was thoughtful enough to salvage them for another life used another way. I'm always looking for things to help me get organized and I thought this might be a unique way to store small items.

 They had the original stain on the fronts and it was stained and chipped. I decided to give the fronts a quick coat of paint. I tried to get the little knobs out but those puppies are in their for good. I did attempt to tape them but they were so small it was really hard. I did my best... please excuse the poor paint job around the knobs!

Right now this batch is holding some paint chips as I decide on a bathroom wall color. I have three of these drawers and another is holding some crafted greeting cards in progress.

The drawers are fun--I'd rather look at them than the bits of paper all around the house. I'm using them like little trays. The inside of the bottom one is kind of grungy... I'm thinking about lining in with some scrapbook paper. Why not make them pretty too? What kind of fun things have you found to organize with?
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