January 6, 2012

A DIY Coffee Tray Created in Vintage Style

I found this brass rim with pretty scrolls in a thrift store on one of my trips to see my daughters. I knew it had potential, and pictured it with a piece of glass cut to fit the bottom to get it back in service. It was just a rim when I found it; $6 brought it home. At the register, a fellow thrift shopper complimented me on the find and suggested adding a mirror to really dress it up.

When I took it to the glass shop they actually thought it was originally a piece to a light fixture. Of course it wasn't perfectly round, but they were able to cut a nice 1/4" piece of mirrored glass to fit. Having the mirrored glass cut to fit was  not as inexpensive as I would have originally thought, but it was definitely worth it.

I have the tray set out on my kitchen hutch with coffee mugs, a vintage silver sugar bowl, a small Waterford vase with a few teaspoons inside and a thrift-shop silver plate bowl with coffee filters.

I like the contrast of the tarnished silver and the unbleached coffee filters.

The reflection of the silver and pale mugs is really pretty. It also looks great with crystal wine glasses set upon it. The mirror was a great choice, thanks to the friendly shopper in line next to me as I paid for the brass rim.

Now every morning as I get my coffee I'm reminded of my trip, a friendly shopper sharing decorating advice and the successful outcome of a creative vision come true!
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