January 8, 2012

A Beautiful Bottle {That's Why I Bought It}

Packaging sells the product; for me especially. If there are several products to choose from, I'm definitely going to choose the pretty one!

While at HomeGoods this afternoon, I saw this gorgeous bottle of bubble bath. The color of the bubble bath is what caught my eye but the opportunity to be able to reuse such a pretty bottle is what made me buy it. It had this tassel on it as well. The tassel around the bottle is a little over the top for me but I am sure I can find a way to reuse it as well.

Even the type is gorgeous. The font is plain and simple... letting the bottle be the star. I'll enjoy using this purchase over and over again. It will be refilled with another bubble bath and become part of the functional decor in my master bath.

Have you ever bought anything for the packaging? This bottle was next to countless others, mostly plastic. It was definitely the star!

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