July 23, 2011

Other Treasures from Goodwill Hunting

All the glory went to my silver punch cups in this post; I didn't share the other goodies that made it into my card that day at the Goodwill Store.

Every item seemed to be silver... or gold. Except for the lidded glass jar with the fleur de lis design engraved in it. I have a few of those; they hold craft supplies at the moment. I like glass storage like this so much better than plastic bins and containers; a bit more style, don't you think?

The pot will hold something green for my island; I am ready to change up that space as the little hydrangea bouquet I had has seen better days. The candlestick will work nicely on my dressing table for a touch of glamour. Those punch cups reside in my laundry room and I may just head back to the store tomorrow to see if the rest of the set remains on the shelf for me to bring home.

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