July 25, 2011

Skyscrapers & Wild Animals {Lincoln Park Zoo}

I'm still the girl that loves to take pictures... no matter where she is. I spent the day in the city... just a walk away from my son's apartment {my how he has grown}.

We arrived on Chicago's lake shore. with some of my favorite people {my grown children}, who have indulged me with the wish of spending the day at Lincoln Park Zoo{with them}, So I will ask you to be patient with me as I digress from my typical subjects... just for a day.

How amazing is the photo above... it's what you see from many areas of the zoo... a skyscraper as the backdrop for these {still} wild animals

The apes are always my favorite... {I don't know why}. They are so fascinating to watch; how similar they are to humans in many ways. The large gray one in the background is named Jojo. I wish I had a better photo of him. He was so quiet.. the observer... the wise one.

I must tell you it was about 95 degrees in the shade this day. Honestly, I can't wait to return in the fall during cooler weather and smaller crowds.

However, many of the animals were still visible, making our day pleasurable. Of course, the real pleasure came just in being with my children... no matter where we are. At this stage of their lives... twenty somethings... it is more than ever, a gift to spend a day with them...

and the amazing attractions at the zoo. Tomorrow... back to vintage... I promise!
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