June 25, 2011

Vintage Style Decor Inspiration

Every new home decor book that comes to the library goes home with me shortly after it's arrival. Especially if it has the words Vintage, Flea Market, Romantic or Shabby Chic in the title. I've had Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers on my coffee table for a few weeks. There's lots of ideas on how to mix your favorite vintage finds into your modern home. Here's a few of my favorite pages out of the book.

I love the look of this sofa--so pretty... and look at all the lovely details in the carvings on the wood.

This piece is definitely a conversation starter, but really not very practical for encouraging conversation. I love the tiny wheels on old furniture... so practical.

The placement of this table calls to mind a library table or work table. The placement in the middle of the room not surrounded by chairs appeals to me. I am always dragging my chairs out of the way when I'm working on a project. 

I'm on the lookout for a new dining room set. My current set is from my mom's house, and I have loved it for many years. Sadly, we've lost two chairs to the "beyond repair" stage and I have another three that are getting there fast. It's a big rectangular table, and I am thinking I may like a round table now that my children are older, on their own and in college, and mealtimes are mostly smaller occasions. I like the coziness of a round table, but would like a few leaves to make it into a grand oval for the holidays and homecomings.

Since I'll be purchasing the pieces secondhand at thrift stores, estate or tag sales {I like the words tag sale so much better than garage sale; it sounds much more elegant, don't you think?}, I'm also looking to find at least 6 matching chairs. However, if a set of 4 shows up and they are beyond fabulous... I'll probably give in and add the odd chair here and there to make it work.   All of the chairs in the pictures above and below are mismatched; then unified with paint and fabric.

It's definitely an option I'll keep in mind. All of these pictures are from the Modern Vintage Style book by Emily Chalmers.

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