April 19, 2011

Organizing Shoes {Or, Things to Do When it's Snowing in April}

My name is Mary and I have a shoe problem. It takes many forms... flats, heels, work shoes, dressy shoes. Of course I can only wear one pair at a time, but I feel like I am wearing the same few pairs all the time. Not necessarily because I don't like the other pairs anymore, but I feel like I can't see what's available to me each day. The little tags you see above are my attempt to get this portion of my closet organized.

Although I keep most of my shoes in plastic storage boxes, I still can't see exactly what pairs are in there--they are translucent but not totally transparent.

The boxes are also on top of each other and on the highest shelf of my closet. Most of these pairs are the shoes I've bought for special occasions or classic shoes I still love that I'll wear occasionally. Some of them are seasonal sandals or winter boots that I don't need in close reach year round.

I took all my shoes out of the boxes, tried them on, set some aside for charity and took pictures of those shoes I was going to keep. I printed small pictures out on cardstock and then used a tag-shaped punch to cut them out. I then labeled each box with it's own picture. Now I can see exactly what my choices for footwear are each day.

The shoes I wear most often (which are flats for work) I've combined into larger stacking drawers and placed multiple tags on the drawer fronts. I've rediscovered some of my favorite shoes with this spring cleaning task and made room for my two newest pairs!

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