April 2, 2011

Redecorating my Office Update... Marley is IN

I was in the process of redecorating my office with white walls, a freshly painted shabby white farm table for a desk {which I had a blast adding vintage style office supplies to), and then I took in a foster puppy.... who took up part time residence in my office... 42 inch crate and all

I've had Marley for several weeks now, and he and my 2 year old golden, Breeze, are getting along quite well. I really don't use the crate any more except at night; sometimes he goes in there to sleep during the day. Other times, I have found him in my office in this little reading chair, gazing out the window.  Getting him settled in to our routine derailed the office revamp for a bit.

But slowly, he has settled in, calmed down and made himself quite at home. One minute he's racing around like the puppy that he is.... the next thing you know, he's fast asleep. 

I have managed to make some progress on other parts of the office, and I hope to share that with you in the coming week. I don't think I could find a pillow for this chair that would be cuter than him, do you?

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