April 8, 2011

Pinterest & Peacocks

                                                                                    Source: google.com via Very on Pinterest

I'm making the foray into some of the other social media... slowly. After I received my invitation to Pinterest, I've been having so much fun over there I haven't waded into the water too far on the other sites. I've started a few boards, one of which has to do with the peacock feather trend.

                                                                                      Source: flickr.com via Very on Pinterest

One of my favorite things about the web is the abundance of beautiful images at my fingertips. With Pinterest, I can collect them easily, and share them for the world (or maybe just you)  to see. That cape above? Over the top, definitely. Beautiful? Definitely!

                                                                               Source: theartzoo.com via Very on Pinterest

I can dream about wearing these hair clips or the earrings below... and all with a click of the mouse... it's "pinned" to my virtual inspiration board.

                                                                                      Source: google.com via Very on Pinterest

I've been eyeing the feathers at Michael's and Hobby Lobby--haven't made my purchase yet though. I'll keep looking... and see what fabulous ideas I can capture on Pinterest!

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