March 20, 2011

I Heart this {Vintage} Flea Market Cart

The wheel on my little flea market cart fell off  a while ago and I've been checking out my options for something new. Seems like if I don't bring a cart to a flea market I always wish that I did.

In my online search I came across my dream cart... the cart that I heart... big time. Check it out...

It had me at the picture above. And then, I saw it with this sweet vintage  floral cart liner... and my heart went pitter-patter, pitter-patter...

It's perfect, isn't it? It belongs to Susan, from The T-Cozy. The bad news is, I couldn't find another one online for less than $200. The good news is, I found a new blog to follow! When you head over there, be sure and check out her studio tour, and she has a shop with lots of vintage lovelies, too. Thanks Susan, for letting me blog about your beautiful cart!

This one is cute, too. I'm not crazy about the ruffle, but I bet any cart would look cute with a liner like Susan's.


If I don't find something soon, I know they have some at Home Goods--not quite as cute as that little green one, though! Do you have a flea market cart? I'd love to see it... if you've posted about it or find one online, include a link in your comment!

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