February 8, 2011

What Is a Blog Link Party?

When I first started reading blogs I began to notice that people said they were "linking up" to this or that blog link party. When I clicked on the little icon below the notice, I arrived at a site that led me to lots of other blogs. WARNING: This is how a person becomes hooked on reading blogs!


Seriously, blogs are amazing. I am a magazine junkie but since some of my favorite mags have stopped publishing, I've found that there are so many ideas on the web from independent bloggers and many of them love the same things I do! They love to decorate their home, enjoy the same hobbies, and are basically the sweetest bunch of people I have ever {virtually} met!


What in the word is a link party you ask? It's where bloggers add a web link and image to another blogger's post so that readers can find their blog and come visit! At the time the party begins, a little button will appear that says "click to add a link." When you click on this, you pick a post you'd like to showcase, enter it's url (the web address of the specific post) and then follow the directions to pick an image from your blog to add with just a click!. 

 all linked up together!

All these links create a photo collage of  preview type images with short descriptions. Visitors to the host blog can then scan post images from many blogs at once and click on the picture that interests them to visit.

The easiest way to do this is with a link service. I'll be using inlinkz. They have some nice features, like getting an email when a new link is added, and a way to include a link party image in RSS feeds like Google Reader.

If you click on any of the party buttons on my sidebar, you'll see where I link up regularly. I get lots of traffic from these wonderful blogs. Joining a link party (or starting your own) is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and meet new friends.

Stop by next week for a new link party right here! If your blog needs some bling, grab the Share the Love on Wednesday  button from my sidebar and help me spread the word!

P.S. All of the images in today's post are from Flickr's Creative Commons with no known copyrights! Aren't they fabulous? Click on the source button below each photo for the url of origin.


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