February 4, 2011

She's Even Cuter Now ! {Birthday Girl}

My little one's birthday was last weekend. Seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, playing dollies and dress up...

She was a cutie back then, and now. This photo was taken on a summer afternoon when she and I were the only ones home. I scooped her up after her nap and brought her outside with me to snap a few photos. She loved to stroll among the garden flowers and pick a stem or two. We had so much fun that day and I got some beautiful pictures. These were 35mm film pictures. Although I love digital, there is something different about film pictures that I like too.

Now this beautiful girl is a freshman in college. She is my youngest, so I often refer to her as my "little one." However, she is  5' 9" and is 19, so that sounds kind of funny.

I like to send little packages from home now and then, and her birthday will be no exception. She likes to decorate her dorm room and this little pennant was just the thing to send her!

It's similar to my Valentine Garland banner and Halloween pennant banners that I posted as freebies. This Happy Birthday printable pennant banner will be in my teeny tiny Etsy shop only {click here to visit}.

If you have enjoyed the previous banners, you'll love this one too and I hope you'll consider stopping over at the shop.

I have tied the banner on hooks, used the removable adhesive hooks from 3M and also used plastic suction cups to hold these banners on any type of surface. It would be fun to string it on the mirror in her powder room if she was going to be home for her birthday so she would see it first thing on the morning of her birthday.

Another idea would be to sneak in her room the night before her birthday and hang it up along her vanity, dresser or even her window. That might be tough because she stays up much later than I do these days. And it's all a moot point because she is at college and I am at home {sigh}. So the next best thing was to send her my goodies {this Birthday garland included} and talk to her on the phone on the big day.

Time flies. Babies grow. Sweet memories are forever.

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