February 21, 2011

Dreaming of a Spring Garden {Vintage, of Course}

Ice storms, several more inches of snow... a girl can only dream about her garden.

My little green garden rake stands ready to get to work picking up the leaves leftover from the fall. It's just my size and a favorite color of vintage green, picked up at a yard sale years ago.

My trellises are lined up against the fence, waiting for spring Clematis tendrils.

Empty flower pots are covered with a frosting of snow.

Empty branches and empty weathered birdhouses. My garden has been deserted.

Why am I even out here in this freezing weather? Trying to get my foster pup back into the house. He doesn't seem to mind the cold. Looks to me like he's having a blast, playing this game of keep away.

He is the life of my garden right now. I never would have gone outside today to take pictures if it wasn't for him. I never thought I could find beauty in this deserted, frozen place. Thanks, Marley, for helping me to find the beauty in my frozen February garden!

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