January 14, 2011

Really? Puppies Making Pancakes in a Pink Book {Children's Book Illustrations}

I always check out the old books when I'm antiquing or hitting the flea market. They take up less room than a shabby piece of furniture {my most favorite find}, and they are easy to store. But the main reason I pick them up is that I enjoy looking at the illustrations, especially in books for children. This book had me at "hello."

First of all, it's pink. Secondly, it's about puppies. Thirdly, these are some really interesting looking puppies.
I think you'll agree. The story is pretty cute, too.

This is probably my favorite picture.The sign on the left reads "more bones," and the sign on the right reads "more meat."  I didn't realize I didn't get the whole sign in the picture until I processed the photos. If I get a chance I'll fix this picture in the next week or so in case you would like to use these little guys in your craft projects. I know I would.

This one below would be cute for Valentine's Day, perhaps a little heart where that red stamp is?

These puppies not only help kitties reach mailboxes, they make pancakes and take baby kitties for walks in beautiful carriages..

Hope you found these illustrations as irresistible as I did! The books is a Rand McNally Elf Book called Four Little Puppies. My copy was published in 1957. The author is Ruth Dixon and the photographs {yes, it says photographs} are by Harry Whittier Frees. There's a notation on the inside cover that reads "These unusual photographs of real puppies were made possible only by patient, unfailing kindness on the part of the photographer at all times." Photographs.... really?

Once again, if you make a craft or card with these images and blog about it, I would love to see it! Please let me know so I can link up!

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