November 26, 2010

Pink Vintage Christmas Ornaments {Memories}

What girl doesn't like pink ornaments? Perched on a silver cake stand I found at a most amazing store called Vintage, these pink beauties are resting comfortably on a bed of silver garland purchased for our very first Christmas tree and some pretty white pine cones dusted with glitter. These ornaments are pretty, but I had one that was even prettier.

My love of vintage things began with Christmas items. One of my favorites was a pink ornament my sister and I used to fight over each Christmas {so much for the holiday spirit, mmmm?).

Two little girls three years apart in age, both set on hanging the pretty pink ornament on the tree. As we unpacked the Christmas storage crates, we couldn't wait to find it. Whoever did, got to put it on the tree. And it stayed there, for a while... until the other sister moved it... and then the other sister moved it again. This would go on for weeks. I'm actually amazed it lasted through our moving it around so much.

After our mom passed away, neither of us was really in the mood to divide up her things. We just weren't thinking that way... we were thinking of our loss and not about the stuff. It had to go somewhere though, and my sister put the crates in storage.

Fast forward to over 20 years later, I asked my sister about the ornament. She didn't put it on her tree, and she knew I loved vintage Christmas decor. She found the bin it was in, and brought it to me. It's pretty, isn't it?

It fades from pink to white--very unique. It was in a plastic bag, and while we were visiting I set it on the side table where it sat until a few hours later when my puppy (Breeze) went to grab it off the table. I beat her to it, but accidentally knocked it off the table in the scuffle {so now I am fighting my dog for the ornament?} and it broke.

I felt awful. I had asked my sister to let me take custody of this special ornament we had both loved and I broke it. I kept the bag and crumbled glass in my desk drawer.

It's been a year; I haven't told her {now we'll really see if she reads my blog posts!}, and I decided to see if I could replace it. I always search the vintage Christmas piles at flea markets, antique shops and once in a while, online. I hit the jackpot this year! Not only did I find one, I found two--they were being sold as a set. How special is that? Now we can each have one.

They're not in quite as good shape as the other one was... but they are fine, really. Because I have learned that it's still really not about the stuff... it's about the wonderful memories surrounding them.

Welcome to the season of goodwill, family and memories... my favorite time of year. Special thanks to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for featuring my post on Pink Saturday. Be sure and stop by her link party so you can see all the other pink posts!

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