November 2, 2010

Fun with My Latest Fall {Vintage} Find

Shopping for new treasures is fun... but I don't always come home with something.

But when I do find something, something I really love, I like to take the time to savor the treasure. Like this little blue bookcase I found at antique store in Wisconsin.

I'm typically not a fan of blue, and I never would have painted something blue... but this color is growing on me. Maybe it has to do with the setting, and the contrast between the bookcase and the trees.

When I see a piece of furniture I first look at the size, but what catches my eye is the shape. Check out the curves on the sides of the bookcase!

And on the bottom; it has pudgy little legs with a nice little cutout design.

Well, enough about its beauty, let's have a little fun.

I'll add a few pumpkins. There's something about this shade of blue... it makes the orange pumpkins really "pop!"

I kind of wish I had a whole set of outside furniture... just to play with for props.

I can't put a little pumpkin anywhere without my golden retriever, Breeze, spotting it. This golden girl can have fun anywhere with anything. I am trying to follow this attitude in life. It's a good lesson, don't you think?

I think this one is her favorite; mine too.

Yep, that's the one she wants.  This pose is her version of  "let's play," or "puleeeezze!"

Hope you enjoyed this simple little celebration of my latest vintage find.


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