October 6, 2010

Welcome to Fall in the North Woods

We spent the weekend in the north woods of Wisconsin. The fall colors were amazing... in full bloom. I went outside to pull out my summer flowers and sweep a few leaves. But then I decided to just move them aside... because they were so pretty on the porch!

The crisp fall air and golden leaves were such a beautiful welcome... to the cooler (and shorter) days of autumn. The photo above is of a welcome mat I've never really paid much attention to over the years. But when I began to move the leaves aside before going in the door, I thought it was truly a beautiful fall welcome.

The cool weather and the crunch of the leaves were kind of energizing. Iin fact, really {really} energizing for some of us...

We were lucky to take some time to play in the leaves, which were a camouflage of sorts for my golden retriever pup, Breeze.

We had so much fun and spent a lot of time playing with the "props" of the season....

On a beautiful fall day... not really transforming anything... (hope this post is okay Gina!) just enjoying the beauty as nature gave it to us. Maybe the transformation was all in the mindset; some things are meant to be enjoyed as they are, while they last.

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