October 5, 2010

Cheap Chairs on Wheels: Craft Room Addition!

Another trip to the local thrift shop... purely for entertainment purposes, because I really didn't need anything. But I like to look. I've gotten pretty good at just enjoying what's there, seeing the "finds" but not having to buy them (because I've done that quite a lot!) 

Then I came across these two items. First I saw the wheels…

I am a sucker for anything on wheels. Wheels make things easy to move.. whether it's a file cabinet, table, or even a chair.

I had been looking for another chair on wheels for my craft room; I already have one in my office and I love being able to move around in my workspace so easily.

Then I noticed  those legs… nice curves… wrought iron. 

Then there was the  price. Five dollars. Not bad… for a chair on wheels.

Oh, and the “pleather” {leather-look that’s really plastic}… I like how the button upholstery pulls the pleather into little starburst patterns.

But pleather? At least it was beige, rather neutral. And it wasn’t damaged in any way.

I looked at each one and couldn’t decide between them. So I took them both (weak, very weak). Just when I was doing better at avoiding furniture purchases. But they were only $5… and they had wheels!

So here’s my dilemma… what do they need? The pleather seats are easily removable… there’s little snaps that hold them on. The little cuff thingys comeoff; that’s a given. 

Should they be painted? Just cleaned? Recovered?  What do you think?

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