September 18, 2010

Fall Centerpiece - Candle Alternative {Step by Step}

I've had this glass piece in my house for quite a while, but I've gotten tired of having a 3-wick candle in it.


I saw these beautiful glittery (is that a word--glittery?) apples at Michael's the other day--had to have them and wanted them to have a prominent place in my fall decor.

I used a dozen glittery pine cones, 4 glittery apples, a package of silk leaves (World Market) , an old berry wreath and a package of fake cranberries. The vase is from Pier One. The basket is Longaberger, the Large Serving Basket, to be specific! You can get it here if you like it.

I had this berry wreath surrounding a candle last year but it's looking kind of old and tattered (could be because I smashed it in the case when packing up my fall decorations :  ) ....   so I decided to re-purpose it for this project.


All it took was a {snip} with the wire cutters and it's ready for it's new life as berry garland!

To start with, I dropped in 3 pinecones... You can see a couple of the cranberries off to the side.

and then I pretty much "dropped in" everything else! Really, it's just a matter of layering... I twisted and scrunched the berry wreath garland...

and then began to alternate layers of apples, leaves and pine cones. I also kept pouring in some of the cranberries--these were nice to fill in empty areas as well. I kept pushing down the garland to bend it.

 Don't forget to add leaves as you go... I just dropped mine in along the side where I wanted it; if it needed some adjusting I used a wooden spoon to move it around. The beauty is in the leaves on this project!

Almost done.. poured a few more cranberries in and tucked the tail of the garland in. 
I might need another leaf tucked in to even out the color

My golden, Breeze has to inspect to make sure there's nothing edible in there...

Looks like it's passed approval and ready to move inside!

I'll leave you with a little close-up eye candy of this fun fall project... Thanks for the nice comment about my dog, Breeze, she came to me from a wonderful Golden Retriever rescue group, As Good As Gold.


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